See also: yC, -yc, ус, үс, and ᎩᏟ

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  1. (metrology) Symbol for yottacoulomb, an SI unit of electric charge equal to 1024 coulombs.

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Combination of prefix C and prefix modifier Y

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  1. (US, military, aviation) prototype cargoplane (prefix)

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  1. (business) Initialism of Y Combinator.
    • 2016 October 3, Tad Friend, quoting Chris Dixon, “Sam Altman’s Manifest Destiny”, in The New Yorker[1]:
      The venture capitalist Chris Dixon told me, “They created the greatest business model of all time. For basically no money”— YC gives each company just a hundred and twenty thousand dollars, to cover expenses—“they get seven per cent of a lot of the best startups in Silicon Valley!”

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  1. Abbreviation of Yucatan.