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achterbaks (comparative achterbakser, superlative meest achterbaks or achterbakst)

  1. shrewd, sneaky, underhand
    Hij is echt een achterbakse hond.
    He really is a sneaky bastard.

Usage notesEdit

Acting "achterbaks" is to act in a way you wouldn't expect from well-behaved people, implied is little profit for the one doing it and big loss for the one it's done to.


Inflection of achterbaks
uninflected achterbaks
inflected achterbakse
comparative achterbakser
positive comparative superlative
predicative/adverbial achterbaks achterbakser het achterbakst
het achterbakste
indefinite m./f. sing. achterbakse achterbaksere achterbakste
n. sing. achterbaks achterbakser achterbakste
plural achterbakse achterbaksere achterbakste
definite achterbakse achterbaksere achterbakste
partitive achterbaks achterbaksers