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From Ancient Greek ἀ- (a-, without) + γνάθος (gnáthos, jaw) +‎ -ic.

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agnathic (not comparable)

  1. Jawless.
    • 1980, Thomas Pozorski, “The Early Horizon Site of Huaca de los Reyes: Societal Implications”, in American Antiquity, volume 45, page 104:
      [] the heads are inverted and agnathic (lacking a lower jaw) []
    • 2004, V. B. Rastogi, Modern Biology, seventh edition, Pitambar, →ISBN, page II-61:
      Mouth is without jaws (agnathic) in lampreys and hagfishes and bounded by jaws (gnathic) in all other vertebrates.
    • 2004, David H. Dye, “Art, Ritual, and Chiefly Warfare in the Mississippian World”, in Hero, Hawk, and Open Hand, Art Institute of Chicago, →ISBN, page 201:
      Mortal combat and decapitation are suggested by the eight skillfully and gracefully engraved heads depicted here with their serrated necks, the prominent arrowheads, and the agnathic or jawless head regalia.
  2. (pathology) Afflicted by or characteristic of agnathia.
    • 1902, Bertram C. A. Windle, “Twelfth Report on Recent Teratological Literature”, in Journal of Anatomy and Physiology, volume 36, page 303:
      […]an imperforate pharynx which existed in an agnathic lamb.
    • 1913, John H. Musser, A Practical Treatise on Medical Diagnosis for Students and Physicians, 6th edition, Lea & Febiger, page 87:
      In the mouth: various irregularities, such as wide separation of the teeth; abnormal development of the canines; the prognathic or agnathic jaw; high arching of the palate; cleft palate—all are found more frequently among persons otherwise degenerate than in normal individuals.
    • 2006, Karen Gripp, Luis Fernando Escobar, “Facial Bones”, in Human Malformations and Related Anomalies, 2nd edition, Oxford University Press, →ISBN, page 287:
      Most pregnancies with agnathic fetuses are associated with polyhydramnios, which probably result from fetal inability to swallow because of persistence of the oropharyngeal membrane.

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