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  • IPA(key): /alˈɡuno/, [alˈɡunɔ], [alˈɣunɔ]


alguno m (Latin spelling, feminine singular alguna, masculine plural algunos, feminine plural algunas)

  1. one, some, somebody



Inherited from Vulgar Latin *alicunus, from Latin alĭquis (someone) + unus (one).

Cognate with French aucun, Italian alcuno, Galician algún, Portuguese algum.


  • IPA(key): /alˈɡuno/ [alˈɣ̞]
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -uno
  • Syllabification: al‧gu‧no


alguno m (plural algunos, feminine alguna, feminine plural algunas)

  1. some, any
    ¿Quiere alguna cosa?
    Do you want anything?
    Algún día lo haré.
    I will do it someday.
    Antonym: ninguno
  2. any (used for emphasis)
    No tiene talento alguno.
    He doesn't have any talent at all.
  3. various

Usage notesEdit

  • When used before a singular masculine noun as part of the noun phrase, the apocopate form algún is used instead of alguno.

Derived termsEdit


alguno m (feminine alguna, masculine plural algunos, feminine plural algunas)

  1. someone
    Synonym: alguien
  2. some, some people
  3. one (thing); a few

Usage notesEdit

  • In older texts, the pronoun is often written with a stress mark, i.e: "algúnos" to distinguish it from the determiner form.

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