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Etymology edit

From a 2015 YouTube video in which drag queen Jasmine Mathers exclaimed "oop!" mid-sentence when she accidentally hit her groin while talking.[1][2]

Phrase edit

and I oop

  1. (Internet slang) Used to humorously convey embarrassment or shock.
    • 2019 May, Kyle Estimos, “Relay For Life”, in Charger Territory, page 7:
      At around 10 PM I said I was just gonna take a 5 minute nap and I ended up sleeping through the entire thing. And I oop...
    • 2019 November 20, Linda Chong, “Searching for the best Iced Latte in Isla Vista”, in The Bottom Line, University of California, Santa Barbara, page 5:
      The famous place to get ice cream in I.V. surprisingly also has a selection of sandwiches, treats, and I oop — coffee.
    • 2020, Tabeitha Pollard, Felicity and Jason 3: A Southern Love Story, unnumbered page:
      And I oop! Sorry, you just became a part of the cancel culture. Cancelled!” Bella said, and I cracked the fuck up.
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References edit

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