ar aghaidh





ar aghaidh ‎(plus genitive or possessive determiner, triggers no mutation)

  1. in front of, opposite, facing
    Sheas sé ar m'aghaidh.
    He stood in front of me.
    ar aghaidh an teampaill gallda
    opposite the Protestant church


Person Normal Emphatic
1st person sing. ar m'aghaidh ar m'aghaidhse
2d person sing. ar d'aghaidh ar d'aghaidhse
3d sing. masc. ar a aghaidh ar a aghaidhsean
3d sing. fem. ar a haghaidh ar a haghaidhse
1st person pl. ar ár n-aghaidh ar ár n-aghaidhne
2d person pl. ar bhur n-aghaidh ar bhur n-aghaidhse
3d person pl. ar a n-aghaidh ar a aghaidhsean

Usage notesEdit

Used with a possessive pronoun that agrees with the subject of the sentence, the prepositional phrase can be used as an adverb meaning 'forwards, straight ahead', e.g. Chuaigh mé díreach ar m'aghaidh "I went straight ahead"; Tar ar d'aghaidh beagán "Come forward a little bit".


ar aghaidh

  1. forward

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