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  1. present participle of astound


astounding (comparative more astounding, superlative most astounding)

  1. That astounds or astound.
    astounding success; an astounding spectacle
    • 1590, Christopher Marlowe, Tamburlaine the Great, Prologue,[1]
      [] you shall heare the Scythian Tamburlaine:
      Threatning the world with high astounding tearms
      And scourging kingdoms with his conquering sword
    • 1785, Henry Boyd (translator), A Translation of the Inferno of Dante Alighieri, in English Verse, Dublin, Volume 1, Canto 7, Stanza 18, p. 285,[2]
      Wasted in darkness down the pitchy wave,
      We saw the STYGIAN pool her borders lave,
      Fed by th’ astounding cataract on high.
    • 1854, Charles Dickens, Hard Times, Chapter 3,[3]
      Signor Jupe [] was also to exhibit ‘his astounding feat of throwing seventy-five hundred-weight in rapid succession backhanded over his head, thus forming a fountain of solid iron in mid-air, a feat never before attempted in this or any other country []
    • 1930, Dashiell Hammett, The Maltese Falcon, New York: Knopf, Chapter 13,[4]
      “This is going to be the most astounding thing you’ve ever heard of, sir, and I say that knowing that a man of your caliber in your profession must have known some astounding things in his time.”

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