Vietnamese edit

Alternative forms edit

  • (hypercorrection) baba

Etymology edit

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Particularly: “This distrubution is a bit bizarre. These AA languages probably borrowed the word from Austronesian, but only in Taiwan that reflexes of *qaCipa mean "soft-shell turtle" and the ACD also notes the word probably originally meant "hawksbill turtle" and was borrowed among Austronesian languages themselves. It is unlikely that the proto-languages of these branches ever had contacts with the AN languages of Taiwan.”

From Proto-Mon-Khmer *t₁paʔ (turtle). Cognate with Proto-Bahnaric *tpaː (turtle) (whence Bahnar tơpa), Proto-Katuic *tpaa (soft-shelled turtle), Samre m̩pʰaː, Khmu [Cuang] tmpaʔ and Mang maː¹ paː². Compare Proto-Austronesian *qaCipa (soft-shelled turtle).

Pronunciation edit

Noun edit

(classifier con) ba ba

  1. (zoology) soft-shell turtle

Usage notes edit

  • Sometimes spelled baba due to incorrect assumption that this is a recent loanword.