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back line (plural back lines)

  1. (soccer) Collectively, the defenders of a team.
    • 2010 December 29, Chris Whyatt, “Chelsea 1 - 0 Bolton”, in BBC[1]:
      Battling Bolton disputed the goal, claiming Drogba was offside, but the Ivorian appeared to have timed his angled run across the visitors back line to perfection to race onto a fine Michael Essien pass and ensure Chelsea moved back into fourth place in the Premier League.
  2. (field hockey) The line running across the goal to the corners of the playing field.
  3. (rugby) The seven players who do not play as forwards and whose primary responsibility is defense.
    • 2011, Mathew Brown, ‎Patrick Guthrie, & ‎Greg Growden, Rugby For Dummies, →ISBN, page 58:
      A running fullback radically improves the attacking prowess of any back line, particularly if she is able to read a play, knowing when it's time to hit the line at pace or to join the line to act as an extra attacker.