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bastard strangles



bastard strangles (uncountable)

  1. A case of strangles, a disease affecting horses' heads, that has spread to other parts of the body.
    • 1763, Henry Bracken, Farriery Improved: Or, A Compleat Treatise upon the Art of Farriery (Ninth Edition), page 29:
      Monſieur Solleyſell, as well as our own Countryman Mr. Markham, have accounted for the Baſtard-Strangles in a very odd kind of manner.
    • 2004, Bonnie Rush and Tim Mair, Equine Respiratory Diseases, Blackwell Science, page 164:
      The most common complication is bastard strangles, metastatic spread of the infection to lymph nodes and organs other than the nodes of the head.
    • 2005, Equine Research, Horseman's Veterinary Encyclopedia (Revised and Updated), The Lyons Press, page 352:
      Isolation of infected animals can prevent epidemics of strangles and is recommended for new additions to a herd or group. In some horses, purpura hemorrhagica and even bastard strangles may follow vaccination, though this is relatively rare.