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From be- +‎ grip. Compare begripe.


begrip (third-person singular simple present begrips, present participle begripping, simple past and past participle begripped)

  1. (transitive) To grip around or about; get a grip on; grasp.
    • 1911, William Morris, May Morris, The Collected Works of William Morris:
      Then the girdled hilt seiz'd he, the Wolf of the Scyldings, The rough and the sword-grim, and drew forth the ring-sword, Naught weening of life, and wrathful he smote then So that there on her halse the hard edge begripped, [...]
    • 1913, Archibald Allan, Space and personality:
      They try to begrip by conceptions that which no conception can grasp save when conception is full-open with consciousness, and identical with it.
    • 1913, George Jean Nathan, Henry Louis Mencken, The smart set: a magazine of cleverness:
      Then parted Frowin and Garnum, and, hands begripped, they solemnly repeated the foster-brother oath: "Thy kin will I protect; thy honor will I guard. Parted or together, when thou diest then will I die also: [...]
    • 2002, Christine Chism, Alliterative Revivals:
      A blissful/blessed body, arrayed in a rich manner in royal garments: all with glistening gold his gown was hemmed, with many a precious pearl placed thereon, and a girdle of gold begripped his waist; a great mantle was over that, [...]
    • 2012, Wilyem Clark, Steadfast:
      He came to be known as Peritus because he seemed expert at every task he begripped him.




From Middle Dutch begrip, from Old Dutch *bigrip. Formed based on begrijpen from the original nominative form of greep.


  • IPA(key): /bəˈɣrɪp/
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: be‧grip
  • Rhymes: -ɪp


begrip n (plural begrippen, diminutive begripje n)

  1. understanding, comprehension
    Ik heb geen begrip van wiskunde.
    I have no comprehension of mathematics.
    Dat gaat mijn begrip te boven.
    That is beyond my comprehension.
    Synonym: onbegrip
  2. understanding, empathy
    Ze was vol begrip.
    She was full of understanding.
  3. notion, concept, term
    Verklaar dit begrip.
    Explain this notion.
  4. institution (well-known entity)
    Die bakker is echt een begrip in deze plaats.
    That bakery is an institution in this town.

Related termsEdit


  • Afrikaans: begrip

Norwegian BokmålEdit



  1. imperative of begripe




  1. imperative of begripa.