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From be- (about, concerning) +‎ talk.


betalk (third-person singular simple present betalks, present participle betalking, simple past and past participle betalked)

  1. (transitive, chiefly dialectal, sometimes reflexive) To talk about; discuss; tell; count; give an account (of).
    • 1925, Albert Payson Terhune, Najib:
      Likewise and moreover, Howaji, is it a time to betalk ourselves merrily of dates, I request you, when the pasha's visit is to be made preparations for?
    • 2016, Lesbian Youtubers 3; Vloggers of the lesbian kind[1]:
      Today can we betalk about why Shacam broke up?
  2. (intransitive, dialectal) To talk repeatedly.
    • 1890, Matteo Bandello, The novels of Matteo Bandello: bishop of Agen:
      Nevertheless, ere he departed, he contrived to betalk her to such effect, promising her to gamble no more, that the good woman gave him half a score ducats; [...]