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boy in the boat




From its shape.


boy in the boat

  1. (slang, idiomatic) The human clitoris.
    • 1992, Ruth K. Westheimer, Dr. Ruth's Guide for Married Lovers, Random House (1992), →ISBN, page 113:
      Go in with your finger at the top parting of your genital lips and find that tiny penis, that nub, that "boy in the boat," and feel gently around it.
    • 1997, Playthell Benjamin, "All the Things You Are", from Dark Eros: Black Erotic Writings, page 220:
      "It's all right here, sweetie," Gretchen said, nodding down toward her open legs as she smilingly pulled the lips of her pussy apart, exposing her boy in the boat.
    • 2001, "Archive Poster" <>, "[SEXSTORY4FREE SITE] - (Group, Swingers, M+/F+) "Jack Off First"",, <>
      "Shoot it here on my clitty," she ordered. I dropped to my knees and took aim on her girl-dick. She kept the tip of one finger against it so that I could find it, but it was so erect that it made an easy target. The pink core glistened like a little pearl at the tip. I moved closer until the head of my cock was no more than two or three inches from the boy in the boat.