From Middle English buxum, buhsum (flexible, bendsome). Often analysed, due to confusion with the verb buck (to spring, buckle, kick violently) and buck (he-goat), as though from buck +‎ -some. Doublet of buxom.


bucksome (comparative more bucksome, superlative most bucksome)

  1. Alternative form of buxom
  2. Marked by bucking or bucking up; (by extension) lively; brisk; jocund.
    Shee now begins to grow bucksome as a lightning before death. — Shakespeare.
  3. Spirited or lively, like a buck.
    • 2010, Ruth Alberta Brown, Heart of Gold:
      "Bucksome," repeated Peace, with the picture of a bucking billy goat uppermost in her mind, and wondering how a maiden could be bucksome.