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Galician carro with a mounted canizo (wattled lateral)
Canastro, cabazo, canizo

Alternative formsEdit


From Old Galician-Portuguese caniço, from Vulgar Latin *cannicium, from canna (reed, cane). Cognate with Portuguese caniço, Spanish cañizo, Catalan canyís.[1]


  • IPA(key): /kaˈniθo̝/, (western) /kaˈniso̝/


canizo m (plural canizos)

  1. wattle (a construction of branches and twigs woven together)
    1. lateral wall of a cart or wagon
      Synonym: ladral
    2. wattle which, hanging horizontally from the kitchen's ceiling, near or over the fireplace, is used to dry and preserve chestnuts, chourizos and other foods, whilst preventing the sparks of reaching the ceiling
    3. loft
      • 1894, Luís Otero Pimentel, Truada de rapaces:
        Galán que estás no canizo
        bota castañas pra baixo
        que anque non teño mandil
        apárochas no refaixo.
        Gallant up there in the loft
        throw some chestnuts down,
        even if I have no apron
        I'll catch them with my petticoat
    4. small wattled granary
      Synonym: cabazo
    5. (regional, by extension) granary
      Synonym: hórreo
    6. wattle used to level the ground

Derived termsEdit


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