carry weight



carry weight (third-person singular simple present carries weight, present participle carrying weight, simple past and past participle carried weight)

  1. To be handicapped by an extra burden, as when one rides or runs.
  2. To have influence.
    Your excuses don't carry weight with me.
    • 1948 Rollo H. Myers, Erik Satie, D. Dobson, p31
      When M. Paladilhe was elected my friends said to me: 'Never mind; later on he'll vote for you, Maestro, and his support will carry a lot of weight'. I never had his vote, nor his support, nor his weight.
    • 2002 Elizabeth Moynihan, Destiny's Whisper, Writers Club Press, p376
      Manning Senior carries a lot of weight around here, he has a lot of friends; a lot of professional clout and can obviously get things done just barely within the lines of legality.
    • 2010 Gordon Ryan, American Voices: State of Rebellion, p247
      A recommendation from him carries a lot of weight around here.

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