cax ‎(plural caxes)

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  1. (sciences) central axis
    • 2003, Mutic et al.: PET-guided IMRT for cervical carcinoma with positive para-aortic lymph nodes—a dose-escalation treatment planning study, page 1:
      The treatment machine central axis (CAX) was placed at the level of the L4-L5 vertebral body interspace.
    • 2000, Kung et al.: A monitor unit verification calculation in intensity modulated radiotherapy as a dosimetry quality assurance, page 1:
      For dose calculation along a central axis (CAX), we first replace the incident IMRT fluence by an azimuthally averaged fluence.
    • 1999, Vincent et al.: An assessment of the number of CT slices necessary to plan breast radiotherapy, page 1:
      A separate optimized plan was generated using the CAX slice and two slices indicative of the upper and lower level of the field.




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