change one's mind

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change one's mind (third-person singular simple present changes one's mind, present participle changing one's mind, simple past and past participle changed one's mind)

  1. (idiomatic) To decide differently than one had decided before.
    She started up the stairs, changed her mind, and turned to go back down.
    • 2006 Baggs, Amanda, Changes in Self-Awareness Over Time, Disclaimer on Assumptions, [http://] May 2006:
      So don’t necessarily assume that something has changed if I appear to have changed my mind, sometimes my mind is all that’s changed.
    • 2024 January 10, Christian Wolmar, “A time for change? ... just as it was back in issue 262”, in RAIL, number 1000, page 61:
      Of course, I was not always right. I questioned the value of Crossrail (a scheme revived by Prescott after being scrapped by the Conservatives), suggesting wrongly that it may be "doomed to hit the buffers" [] . A dozen years later, I published my book on it, extolling the line's wonders. We are all allowed to change our minds.

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