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Etymology 1Edit

Variation of kinkle.


chinkle (plural chinkles)

  1. (nautical) A turn or kink in a rope.

Etymology 2Edit

From chink +‎ -le.


chinkle (third-person singular simple present chinkles, present participle chinkling, simple past and past participle chinkled)

  1. (rare, intransitive) To chink or jingle.
  2. (transitive) To tinkle or cause to tinkle; to produce a continued chinking sound with.
    He chinkled the coins in his pocket.


chinkle (plural chinkles)

  1. (rare) A ringing sound of low volume.
    • 1937, Helen Simpson, Under Capricorn
      Adare rang the bell. So still was the night that now the sighing in the room had stopped and the birds had settled down again in their tree, he could hear the chinkle of the bell, tossing on its wire in the kitchen fifty yards away, downstairs.


[1] (chinkling of rails), [2] (chinkle of reins), [3] (the fountain chinkles)