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cocal (plural cocals)

  1. A coconut grove or plantation.
    • 1963, Ecology - Volume 44, page 614:
      Two lizards were found in 2 coconut palms a mile apart on the beach, in the middle of the afternoon of March 23. The tracks indicated that they had crawled out of the cocal, wandered around the beach a little, and then climbed the trees.
    • 1969, Regina Evans Holloman, Developmental Change in San Blas, page 122:
      Since the average cocal (coconut plantation) has one hundred trees, this is an income of only $5 per year per plantation in badly blighted areas.
    • 1985, Craig Lanier Dozier, Nicaragua's Mosquito Shore: The Years of British and American Presence:
      One immense cocal (coconut plantation), about 7 miles north of Greytown, constituting a strip about 20 miles along the Caribbean shore, was estimated to have thousands of trees.
    • 1989, Emory King, The Little World of Danny Vasquez: Memoirs of Old San Pedro, page 95:
      One night a week Brother Jake divided the Scouts into two teams and took them to the Esmeralda cocal (coconut grove) just south of the village.




cocal m (plural cocales)

  1. A coca plantation


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cocal m (plural cocali)

  1. seagull

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