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cock on (not comparable)

  1. (UK, informal) Performed well; excellent; exact; correct.
    • 2010 August 21, SB Plastering, “Re: Painting a rendered retaining garden wall.”, in Ultimate Handyman[1]:
      Chris has got it cock on, the only way to do it is by using a membraine. Rendering it both sides WILL NOT sort out the damp problem, no mater how much waterproofer you use.
    • 2012 December, Dave Woodmansey, “Wand still waves its magic”, in Improve Your Coarse Fishing, number 266, Bauer Consumer Media, page 82:
      As a teenager I wanted a Sigma Wand, but I never got one. I'm definitely having one of these though. The new rod is cock-on!
    • 2015 September 26, davemaxx, “Up/down buttons and screen protection”, in Evolv DNA Forum[2]:
      what I do is mix a small amount of fast set epoxi resin glue and hold the screen in place with fingers or blue tac, wait for the glue to start going stiff beffor I put a small dab on each end of the back of screen to mod, this way the glue wont run or capillary attract across the front surface, when satisfied ive got it cock on center, I can then seal the whole screen against the mod using the same method.
    • 2016 May 17, ct.p, “PD150 cambelt change, different to 1.8t?”, in[3]:
      One attempt, nearly there.... I gave up taking photos at this point but it took another two goes to get it 'cock-on'. Now tighten the three 13mm bolts so the outer cam pulley is locked back to the inner pulley.

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cock on

  1. (UK, informal) Good work; well done; excellent.
    • 2010 May 31, Aardvark101, “Indy 500 - Conway Crash”, in Photography on the Net[4]:
      Cock-on mate well done!
    • 2011 November 5, Silent Hill, “Beelitz heilstatten REPORT 4 (honest ) - Chirurgie. IMAGE INTENSIVE!!!”, in Derelict Places[5]:
      Cock on mate. These reports are a bit special

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cock on (third-person singular simple present cocks on, present participle cocking on, simple past and past participle cocked on)

  1. (dated, UK, slang) To exaggerate; to overcharge.

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