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cock tease

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cock (penis) +‎ tease.


cock tease (plural cock teases)

  1. (slang, vulgar) A person, usually a woman, who teases a man but then withdraws an alluded-to promise of sexual intercourse.
    That bird is a total cock tease; she's been winding blokes up all night.
  2. (figuratively) Similarly frustrating teasing, not necessarily either sexual or done by a person.
    This film will come off as one extended cock-tease, never giving them the very thing trailers made them think they’d be getting. (Review of The Ringer) [1] 
    The Bird Flu Is A Cock-Tease and UPDATE: Bird Flu Still a Cock-Tease! (essays on avian flu, using cock as a double entendre meaning male bird and penis) [2] [3]


  • (person who teases a man with a promise of sex): cockteaser

Coordinate termsEdit

  • (person who teases a woman with a promise of sex): clit tease

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