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come what may (not comparable)

  1. (idiomatic) In spite of anything that might happen; whatever may occur.
    • 1837, Charles Dickens, chapter 56, in The Pickwick Papers:
      If you vant a more polished sort o' feller, vell and good, have him; but vages or no vages, notice or no notice, board or no board, lodgin' or no lodgin', Sam Veller, as you took from the old inn in the Borough, sticks by you, come what may.
    • 1906, Arthur Conan Doyle, chapter 21, in Sir Nigel:
      [W]e are here of a set purpose and we will go forward with it, come what may.
    • 2004 Sept. 23, Tony Karon, "Allawi Rides to Bush's Rescue," Time:
      Still, now the prime minister remains "on message," reiterating that the election will be held in January, come what may.


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