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From Middle French conférence, from Medieval Latin conferentia, from Latin conferens.



conference (plural conferences)

  1. (politics) A multilateral diplomatic negotiation.
  2. (sciences) A formalized event where scientists present their research results in speeches, workshops, posters or by other means.
  3. (business) An event organized by a for-profit or non-profit organization to discuss a pressing issue -- like a new product, market trend or government regulation -- with a range of speakers.
  4. (sports) A group of sports teams that play each other on a regular basis.

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conference (third-person singular simple present conferences, present participle conferencing, simple past and past participle conferenced)

  1. (transitive, education) To assess (a student) by one-on-one conversation, rather than an examination.
    • 2009, Jennifer Berne, The Writing-Rich High School Classroom
      The students who were conferenced on paper 1 will get a written response to paper 2, and those who received a written response to paper 1 will be conferenced on paper 2.
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