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From cōniciō (prophesy; conclude), from con (with) + iaciō (throw, hurl).



coniectūra f (genitive coniectūrae); first declension

  1. conjecture, guess, conjectural inference
  2. interpretation (of dreams), divining, soothsaying, prophesying


First declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative coniectūra coniectūrae
genitive coniectūrae coniectūrārum
dative coniectūrae coniectūrīs
accusative coniectūram coniectūrās
ablative coniectūrā coniectūrīs
vocative coniectūra coniectūrae

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    • to conjecture: coniectura assequi, consequi, aliquid coniectura colligere
    • as far as I can guess: quantum ego coniectura assequor, auguror
    • to infer by comparison, judge one thing by another: coniecturam alicuius rei facere or capere ex aliqua re
    • to judge others by oneself: de se (ex se de aliis) coniecturam facere
    • it is a matter of conjecture, supposition: aliquid in coniectura positum est
    • it is a matter of conjecture, supposition: aliquid coniectura nititur, continetur (Div. 1. 14. 24)
    • to try to conjecture probabilities: probabilia coniectura sequi