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From cothrom (even; level, balanced) +‎ -as; compare Old Irish comthromas, from comthrom.

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cothromas m (genitive singular cothromais)

  1. (finance, law) equity
    • An tAcht (an Oireachtais) Cáirde Thalmhaíochta, 1947, Caibidil II, Talamh Cláraithe:
      39. (1) I gcás —
      (a) (i) duine a bheith cláraithe i gclár de ruílseoirí mar lán-únaer ar thalamh, agus
      (ii) an talamh sin a bheith cláraithe faoi réir cothromas, agus []
      Agricultural Credit Act of the Oireachtas of Ireland, 1947, Chapter II, Registered land:
      39. (1) Where —
      (a) (i) a person is registered in a register of freeholders as full owner of land, and
      (ii) such land is registered subject to equities, and []
    • 1985, Quartly Bulletin of the Central Bank of Ireland, page iii:
      Is mó leis na comhair seirbhísí dá mbaill ná brabús sa riocht is go gcuirtear srian leis na dibhinní ar bhuanchaipiteal cothromais.
      Services to their members are so much more important to the cooperatives than profit that dividends on fixed equity capital are reined in.
    • 2002, Report of [the] Proceedings of the National Forum on Europe (Ireland), volumes 1‒6, as published by the Stationery Office, page 55:
      Caithfidh sé seo a bheith ar bhonn chothromais agus caithfidh sé bheith ar bhonn oscailte agus ar bhonn []
      This has to be on a basis of equity and it has to be on an open basis and on a basis []
  2. equity (fair treatment of people)
    Synonym: cóir

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Irish mutation
Radical Lenition Eclipsis
cothromas chothromas gcothromas
Note: Some of these forms may be hypothetical. Not every possible mutated form of every word actually occurs.

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