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Etymology 1Edit

From French commère.

Alternative formsEdit


cummer (plural cummers)

  1. (Scotland) the relationship of a godmother to the other god-parents, and the legal parents, of a child.
  2. (Scotland) a female companion or intimate (of another woman)
  3. (Scotland) lass, the feminine equivalent of "fellow"

Etymology 2Edit

cum +‎ -er


cummer (plural cummers)

  1. (slang, vulgar) One who cums or climaxes.
    • 1997, Scott O'Hara, Autopornography: A Memoir of Life in the Lust Lane (page 137)
      A sure fire way to get off in seconds, even if watching him squirm about in orgasm weren't enough. That boy was about as noisy a cummer as any I've encountered []
    • 2013, David Bergman, The Violet Hour, page 186:
      In point of fact, Whitmore wasn't just a slow cummer, but rather unable to have an orgasm whenever anyone else was present.