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auxilio vocare (to call for help)
venio auxilio (I'm coming for help)
accipio dono (I receive [this] as a gift)
puellae ornamento est ([this] is for the girl's decoration)

Ancient Greek:

τῷ βασιλεῖ μάχομαι (tôi basileî mákhomai, I fight for the king)
θνῄσκω τῇ τιμῄ (thnḗiskō têi timḗi, I die for honour)


dative of purpose (plural datives of purpose)

  1. (Classical linguistics, in definite) The dative case in its use to indicate purpose.
    The dative of purpose is rare in this type of writing.
  2. (uncommon, Classical linguistics, countable) A specific use of the dative case in this way.
    This poem is filled with datives of purpose.