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davy ‎(plural davys or davies)

  1. An affidavit, a legally binding statement or oath
    Rather than testify in open court, each sailor posted a davy before sailing off.
    • 1883, Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, John Wilson and Son, 1895, page 66
      "You and me should get on well, Hawkins, for I'll take my davy I should be rated ship's boy."
  2. A davy lamp, more often capitalized as Davy lamp, a type of safety lamp
    The miner knew the old davy was safer than any open flame, but far riskier than a modern flashlight.
    • 1996, English-English-Telugu Dictionary by Junathula Venkata Subrahmanyam, Sura Books, 1996, page 113
      davy-lamp [n]: coal-miner's safety daw
    • 2009, Dictionary of Energy: Expanded Edition edited by Cutler J. Cleveland, Christopher G. Morris, Elsevier, 2009, page 124
      He also developed the innovative davy lamp for use in coal mines.

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