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From Latin decemvirātus, from decemvirī (decemvirs) +‎ -ātus (-ate).


decemvirate (plural decemvirates)

  1. (historical) The time, office, or rule of the Decemvirs, 2 groups of 10 men selected in 451 and 450 B.C. to wield complete power over Rome and establish the laws of the Twelve Tables.
  2. Any council or ruling body of 10 people, as the Venetian Council of Ten.

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Coordinate termsEdit

Number Noun
1 monarchy
2 biarchy / binarchy / diarchy / duumvirate
3 triarchy / triumvirate
4 tetrarchy / tetradarchy / quadrumvirate
5 pentarchy / quinumvirate
6 hexarchy
7 heptarchy
8 octarchy / octovirate
10 decarchy / decemvirate
12 dodecarchy
20 vigintivirate
26 vigintisexviri
100 hecatontarchy


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