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Blend of definition +‎ engineering or from definition +‎ -eer +‎ -ing


definitioneering (uncountable)

  1. (rare, humorous) The act of creating, usually by making up, definitions.
    • 1968 (1972?), "Definitioneering: An Article-review of Sidney Hook's Academic Freedom," The Philosophy Forum, supplement 11, nos. 1-2 (Summer 1972): S77-S95:
      Are we entitled to so define, or is Hook bogged down in a form of "persuasive definitioneering"?
    • 1973, Paul Kurtz, The Humanist Alternative: Some Definitions of Humanism, Prometheus Books, pg. 177:
      ...danger is that we may become bogged down in 'definitioneering'; that is, we may become advocates of special definitions that are arbitrarily stipulated.
    • 2001, Catherine Brölmann, "T. Makkonen, Identity, Difference and Otherness. The Concepts of People, Indigenous People and Minority in International Law," International Journal on Minority and Group Rights, ISSN 1385-4879, 2001, vol. 8; issue 1, pg. 93:
      Makkonen argues that the rationale of the rights concerned should always be taken as a point of departure, rather than an attempt at a priori 'definitioneering'.
    • 2006, John Wenzel, "We make the music we want to make," Denver Post, December 29, 2006:
      "...when you try to define it it becomes a surreal puddle of definitioneering," said drummer Brandon Weaver.