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From French didactique, from Ancient Greek διδακτικός (didaktikós, skilled in teaching), from διδακτός (didaktós, taught, learnt), from διδάσκω (didáskō, I teach, educate).

Pronunciation edit

  • enPR: dī-dăkˈtĭk, IPA(key): /daɪˈdæk.tɪk/, /dɪˈdæk.tɪk/
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  • Rhymes: -æktɪk
  • Hyphenation: di‧dac‧tic

Adjective edit

didactic (comparative more didactic, superlative most didactic)

  1. Instructive or intended to teach or demonstrate, especially with regard to morality.
    Synonyms: educative, instructive
    didactic poetry
  2. Excessively moralizing.
  3. (medicine) Teaching from textbooks rather than laboratory demonstration and clinical application.

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didactic (plural didactics)

  1. (archaic) A treatise on teaching or education.

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Borrowed from French didactique.

Adjective edit

didactic m or n (feminine singular didactică, masculine plural didactici, feminine and neuter plural didactice)

  1. didactic

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