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dignus +‎ -tās



dignitās f (genitive dignitātis); third declension

  1. worth, worthiness, merit
  2. fitness, suitability
  3. esteem, standing, status, rank
  4. dignity
    deus ibi magna cum dignitate sedet
    There the God sits with great dignity.


Third-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative dignitās dignitātēs
Genitive dignitātis dignitātum
Dative dignitātī dignitātibus
Accusative dignitātem dignitātēs
Ablative dignitāte dignitātibus
Vocative dignitās dignitātēs



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    • to gain dignity; to make oneself a person of consequence: auctoritatem or dignitatem sibi conciliare, parare
    • to insult a person's dignity: auctoritati, dignitati alicuius illudere
    • to be in a dignified position: dignitas est summa in aliquo
    • to be in a dignified position: summa dignitate praeditum esse
    • to consider a thing beneath one's dignity: aliquid alienum (a) dignitate sua or merely a se ducere
    • to guard, maintain one's dignity: dignitatem suam tueri, defendere, retinere, obtinere
    • to be careful of one's dignity: dignitati suae servire, consulere
    • to elevate to the highest dignity: aliquem ad summam dignitatem perducere (B. G. 7. 39)
    • to occupy the first, second position in the state: principem (primum), secundum locum dignitatis obtinere
    • to occupy a very high position in the state: in altissimo dignitatis gradu collocatum, locatum, positum esse
    • to depose, bring down a person from his elevated position: aliquem ex altissimo dignitatis gradu praecipitare (Dom. 37. 98)
    • to overthrow a person (cf. sect. IX. 6): aliquem de dignitatis gradu demovere
    • to attain a position of dignity: dignitatis gradum ascendere