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dip one's pen in someone's inkwell



dip one's pen in someone's inkwell (third-person singular simple present dips one's pen in someone's inkwell, present participle dipping one's pen in someone's inkwell, simple past and past participle dipped one's pen in someone's inkwell)

  1. (euphemistic, of a man) To have sex with (someone).
    • 2002, Dana Stabenow, A Fine and Bitter Snow, →ISBN, page 190:
      Pretty much everyone who dropped by Alaska dipped their pen in my ancestors' inkwell, from the Russians on down.
    • 2014, George M. Goritz, Shakespeare, Wall Street and My Arabian Nights Adventures, →ISBN, page 101-102:
      Watching me ogling the lovely waitresses' movements, this Greek philosopher -- who happened to be my mother's brother—-advised me, “Never dip your pen in the local inkwell while at work.”
    • 2014, Oliver North & ‎Bob Hamer, Counterfeit Lies, →ISBN, page 46:
      “Does this business associate know you've been dipping your pen in the company inkwell?”

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