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From Latin distillātiō, distillātiōnem.



distillation ‎(countable and uncountable, plural distillations)

  1. The act of falling in drops, or the act of pouring out in drops.
  2. That which falls in drops.
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  3. (Can we clean up(+) this sense?) (chemistry, chemical engineering) The separation of the volatile parts of a substance from the more fixed; specifically, the operation of driving off gas or vapor from volatile liquids or solids, by heat in a retort or still, and the condensation of the products as far as possible by a cool receiver, alembic, or condenser; rectification; vaporization; condensation; as, the distillation of illuminating gas and coal, of alcohol from sour mash, or of boric acid in steam.
  4. The substance extracted by distilling.