From dog +‎ sit.

Alternative formsEdit


dogsit (third-person singular simple present dogsits, present participle dogsitting, simple past and past participle dogsat)

  1. To babysit for (take care of) a dog.
    • 2003, Julia DeVillers, True teamwork:
      Our new neighbor down the street asked me to ask you if you want to dogsit for her when she is on vacation?
    • 2012, Ann M. Martin, Because of Shoe and Other Dog Stories, page 51:
      And when he took Shoe for a run, Mom and I would dogsit Lucky.
    • 2016, Coco Simon, Emma Raining Cats and Dogs . . . and Cupcakes!, page 23:
      It was Wednesday after school, and Jake made it clear that he wanted to dogsit Tiki and Milkshake.