ducks on the pond



  • (coded warning): Originally used in shearing sheds; later extended to other normally all-male environments, such as some pubs.[1]


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ducks on the pond pl (plural only)

  1. (Australia) A coded warning used by men to alert each other that female guests ("ducks") are present ("on the pond"), so that for politeness they should moderate their language.
    • 1982, Patsy Adam-Smith, The Shearers, Thomas Nelson Australia, →ISBN, page 245.
      Usually the wool presser calls first, because most visitors to a shed come through the wool room. ‘Ducks on the Pond!’ he calls, and the warning is taken up again down along the shearing board.
  2. (baseball) Members of a batting order who are on base; baserunners.
    There are two ducks on the pond for the cleanup hitter.