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duodeca- +‎ -ad(e); compare decade.


duodecade (plural duodecades)

  1. A period of twelve years.
    • 1996, Mary Lindemann, Health & Healing in Eighteenth-century Germany (→ISBN):
      When I divide the past sixty years, 1706-65, into twenty-year periods, [I discover that] in the first duodecade, 702 people died, that is, an average of 35 a year. In the second period to 1745, 850, or 42i/$ each year, perished.
    • 2002, Marjorie Keniston McIntosh, Controlling Misbehavior in England, 1370-1600, Cambridge University Press (→ISBN), page 171:
      Another factor that weakens the distinctiveness of the clusters is that some communities reported problems within more than one cluster during a given duodecade and hence appear in several groupings. Until 1460, no more than 9 percent of ...
    • 2015, Bard Bloom, Mating Flight: A Non-Romance of Dragons:
      Actually it is still early afternoon, and nothing much of interest is going to happen for the rest of the day, or the duodecade, either. So I'm going to sit down and write something that didn't happen today: the first time I killed anyone on purpose.

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  1. ablative singular of duōdecas