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From nona- +‎ -ad.

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nonad (plural nonads)

  1. (rare) Synonym of ennead (collection or series of nine things)
    • 1891, The Yoga-vásishtha-mahárámáyana of Válmiki:
      By Trisection of the three sections of a Tripartite circle. Symbolical of a nonad or nine fold nature of the Deity.
    • 1921, Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society, page 6:
      The nonuply perspective nonads of Milne are distinct from all cases of cyclic nonads given by the theory of section I. of this paper []
    • 2020, John Krey, The Structure of Knowledge Using Natural Patterns, page 3:
      The beginning, middle and end of the nonad forms a triad, []

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