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dodeca- +‎ -ad


dodecad (plural dodecads)

  1. A group or set of twelve.
    • 1903, H. S. Green, Theoretical Astrology, page 63:
      We have also examined some of the relations between the two dodecads of signs and houses.
    • 1987, C.R. Long, Twelve gods of Greece and Rome, BRILL (→ISBN), page 117:
      Plato at any rate assumed that the number twelve befitted the disembodied gods as a perfect number[...] This dodecad of the disembodied gods has been shown by us to proceed from on high triadically, but multiplied by four [...]
    • 2001, John Douglas Turner, Sethian Gnosticism and the Platonic Tradition, Presses Université Laval (→ISBN), page 207:
      [...] the lowest pair of transcendent principles, all-begetter Savior and all-begettress Sophia, produced a dodecad of twelve equally paired powers, six male and six female.
    • 1966, Saint Thomas (Aquinas), Spurious and Doubtful Works:
      Marcos, according to Irenaeus, also assumed a decad of ten heavenly circles and a dodecad of twelve zodiacal signs. The dodecad represents evil, earthly fate, but the decad is "soul-producing," [...]
  2. (now historical) trillion (short scale), billion (long scale), million million, myriad octad; 1,000,000,000,000 = 1012 [from 16th c.]

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