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e- +‎ publisher


e-publisher (plural e-publishers)

  1. One who publishes works in an electronic format.
    • 1992 November 11, Grahame, Bob M., “Re: FirstClass Anyone”, in comp.sys.mac.comm, Usenet[1], retrieved 2018-02-04, message-ID <>:
      [Signature] Bob M. Grahame * Administrator/E-Publisher EdgeWays! InfoLInk GUI BBS "The Edge of Communications and Gateways to the World" A friendly information service bringing a wonderful new world to your desktop
    • 1993 December 13, Barnhart, Fred D., “Seeking e-publisher information”, in bit.listserv.cdromlan, Usenet[2], retrieved 2018-02-04, message-ID <CDROMLAN%93121312144064@IDBSU.BITNET>:
      [Subject: Seeking e-publisher information] If anyone knows of a specific electronic publisher or a good resource for electronic publisher information, please let me know. Also, I would be happy to look at any literature that you might want to send about your publishing company.

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