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From Old Portuguese enquanto, from en (in) + quanto (how much). Compare Spanish en cuanto.




  1. as; while (at the same time as)
    Enquanto vocês assistiam o filme, eu estudei.
    While you were watching the film, I was studying.
    Fique aqui dentro enquanto chove.
    Stay inside while it rains.
    • 2003, J. K. Rowling, Lya Wyler, Harry Potter e a Ordem da Fênix, Rocco, page 246:
      Então continuaram a estudar enquanto o céu lá fora se tornava gradualmente mais escuro.
      Then they continued to study while the sky outside was becoming gradually darker.
  2. while; whereas (introduces a situation that is contrasts with another situation)
    Enquanto eles são violentos e perigosos, nós somos pacíficos e amigáveis.
    While they are violent and dangerous, we are peaceful and friendly.
    Vocês querem vadiar enquanto nós queremos trabalhar.
    You want to idle while we want to work.

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  1. (formal) as a (in the role of; being)
    Qual é a sua opinião enquanto professor?
    What is your opinion as a teacher?
    Synonym: como

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