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From the verb phrase fade away.


fadeaway (plural fadeaways)

  1. An instance of fading away, of diminishing in proximity or intensity.
    • 2014 May 11, Ivan Hewett, “Piano Man: a Life of John Ogdon by Charles Beauclerk, review: A new biography of the great British pianist whose own genius destroyed him [print version: A colossus off-key, 10 May 2014, p. R27]”, in The Daily Telegraph (Review)[1]:
      In his final years he [John Ogdon] gave an interview to an American journalist who noticed that "his handshake is a boneless fadeaway["].
  2. (basketball) A jump shot made while jumping backwards, away from the basket. The goal is to create space between the shooter and the defender, making it much harder to block.
    • 2009 February 3, Howard Beck, “Bryant Puts on a Show, Setting Garden Records”, in New York Times[2]:
      He taunted the Knicks instead with hanging jumpers, impossible fadeaways and layups in traffic.
  3. (slang) The ending of a personal relationship by stopping any contact with the other party and not providing an explanation.
    Why some people choose to do the infamous "fadeaway" instead of a clean break?