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fiction +‎ -al

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  • IPA(key): /ˈfɪkʃənəl/
    • (file)

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fictional (comparative more fictional, superlative most fictional)

  1. Invented, as opposed to real.
    Romeo and Juliet are fictional characters.
    The janitor's account of the crime turned out to be entirely fictional.
  2. Containing invented elements.
    The Simpsons is a fictional television show.
    • 1956, Barbara Anne Monroe, An Investigation of Fictional Books for Children which Deal with the American Indian in the United States:
      Including both factual and fictional books would have reduced the value of the study; it would have made the content too heterogeneous for the drawing of significant conclusions.
    • 2007, Robert Mladinich, Hooked Up for Murder, page 371:
      While the jury saw the Sopranos episode in which Adriana was killed for cooperating with the FBI, Mr. Ferro argued to the jury the difference between the fictional TV show from the reality of this trial.

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