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From Old French florin, from Italian fiorino.



florin (plural florins)

  1. The currency of Aruba, divided into 100 cents, symbol ƒ.
  2. A pre-decimal British coin, worth two shillings or ten new pence.
  3. A guilder (former currency unit of the Netherlands).
    • 2014 September 26, Charles Quest-Ritson, “The Dutch garden where tulip bulbs live forever: Hortus Bulborum, a volunteer-run Dutch garden, is dedicated to conserving historic varieties before they vanish for good [print version: Inspired by a living bulb archive, 27 September 2014, p. G5]”, in The Daily Telegraph (Gardening)[1]:
      [I]n 1646, during the phenomenon known as "Tulipomania", a tulip like the red and white 'Admirael van der Eijck', or the purple-splashed 'Generalen van Gouda' would sell for more than 1,000 Dutch florins, at a time when the average annual income of a skilled worker was about 300 florins.
  4. Any of several gold coins once produced in Florence, Italy.
  5. A pre-decimal Australian, and New Zealand, coin, worth 24 pence or a tenth of a pound.


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