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From foot +‎ board. Compare Gothic 𐍆𐍉𐍄𐌿𐌱𐌰𐌿𐍂𐌳 (fōtubaurd).

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footboard (plural footboards)

  1. An upright board across the foot of a bedstead.
  2. A board or small raised platform on which to support or rest the feet, such as that found in a carriage.
  3. A place to stand on a scooter or skateboard.
  4. A board serving as a step on a vehicle.
    • 1941 August, “Notes and News: The First British Sleeping Car”, in Railway Magazine, page 373:
      Continuous footboards ran along each side of the narrow body.
    • 1947 May and June, “Notes and News: The Kent & East Sussex Railway Today”, in Railway Magazine, page 182:
      Several parties of hop-pickers joined the train at the intermediate stations, and the guard performed the acrobatic feat of walking along the footboards of the coaches to examine tickets, while the train was in motion.

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