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From Middle English for-as-moche, vor asemoche, for as miche, equivalent to for +‎ as +‎ much.



forasmuch (not comparable)

  1. Inasmuch, seeing (that).
  2. (obsolete) So far as; with regard to so much as.
    • 1651: George Digby, Letters Concerning Religion
    Forasmuch as belongs to that eating, we are neither defrauded of any good by not eating, nor enriched with any good by the eating of the sanctified bread, which, forasmuch as it hath of materials, goes into the belly.

Usage notesEdit

Only used in the conjunctional phrase forasmuch as. The phrase is now somewhat formal or archaic. In early use the second as was occasionally omitted, and in rare instances it was replaced by that.