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frog +‎ -y.



froggy (plural froggies)

  1. (childish or affectionate) A frog.
    • Children's poem, publishing date unknown
      This little froggy took a big leap
      This little froggy took a small
      This little froggy leaped sideways
      And this little froggy not at all
      And this little froggy went,
      hippity, hippity, hippity hop, all the way home.
    • Children's poem, publishing date unknown
      Hop little froggy, hop hop hop
      Hop little froggy, and don't you stop
  2. (ethnic slur, offensive) A Frenchman.


froggy (comparative froggier or more froggy, superlative froggiest or most froggy)

  1. Froglike.
  2. Suffering from a frog in one's throat; hoarse.
    • 1938, The American Legion Magazine:
      Absolutely voiceless and baggy-eyed from hours of sour singing, no sleep, and a froggy throat from yelling in ego to be heard atop the rest.
  3. Inclined to fight.
  4. Aggressive.
  5. Energetic or strong.


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