From fuck +‎ -ed.


  • IPA(key): /fʌkt/
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -ʌkt


fucked (comparative more fucked, superlative most fucked)

  1. (vulgar) Irreparably or catastrophically broken.
    • 2001, “Anthem Part Two”, in Take Off Your Pants and Jacket (CD), MCA, →OCLC, performed by Blink-182:
      Let this train wreck burn more slowly / Kids are victims in this story / Drown our youth with useless warnings / Teenage rules, they're fucked and boring
    I can't repair your computer: it's fucked, mate.
  2. (vulgar) In trouble; in a hopeless situation.
    He's lost his map in the middle of a desert! He's fucked.
    They're inspecting the plant tomorrow and our maintenance person is out sick? I guess we're fucked, then!
  3. (vulgar) Very drunk.
    Man, I was mixing all sorts of drinks, and by the end of the night I was so fucked!
  4. (vulgar) Clipping of fucked up (disturbing or reprehensible).
    • 2023 June 2 (last accessed) IMDb[1]:
      It seems a lot of problems could be solved by doing a bit less bitching and a bit more banging. Julian has advice for the recently divorced, the infertile, and the cowardly. Plus: how Americans should deal with their fucked election.
    I'll be awake all night finishing all the work I had to bring home. That is so fucked!
  5. (vulgar) Tired.
    I'm so fucked – I didn't get home until 5am.
  6. (slang, vulgar) Bothered to do something.
    I can’t be fucked to look it up.

Usage notesEdit

The term fucked, when used to mean bothered is not used attributively: a person who is bothered is not a fucked person.


Derived termsEdit




  1. simple past tense and past participle of fuck