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Spanish edit

Etymology edit

Ultimately from huero (empty), from the phrase huevo huero (an empty egg that was lost during incubation). The phrase huevo huero became associated with a sick person, and from this association came the association with the color white.[1]

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /ˈɡweɾo/ [ˈɡwe.ɾo]
  • Rhymes: -eɾo
  • Syllabification: güe‧ro

Adjective edit

güero (feminine güera, masculine plural güeros, feminine plural güeras)

  1. (Mexico) having pale skin and/or blond hair; whitey

Noun edit

güero m (plural güeros, feminine güera, feminine plural güeras)

  1. (Mexico) a person with light skin and/or blond hair
    ¿Qué onda, güero?What's up, whitey?
    • 2017, “Señorita Hernández”, in Limonada Rosa, performed by Señor Kino:
      Señorita Hernández / ¿por qué no me pelaste? / Señorita Hernández / por el güero me dejaste
      Señorita Hernández / why did you ignore me? / Señorita Hernández / you left me for this whitey

Usage notes edit

  • Often used as a term of endearment, or an informal way of saying "whitey" in Spanish. Unlike gringo, which generally refers to Americans, güero is used generally to refer to a lighter-skinned person/man, including those of full or predominant European ancestry born in Mexico.

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References edit

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